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I’m excited to learn of your interest in our new outdoor adventure program. We (a growing coalition of groups including Faith Based Boys, Frontier Service Corps, Trailhead USA, and others) are getting ready to start something great—a youth movement that will honor God!

Here is some basic info others have been asking for:

The first opportunity to see all we have established is the Sept. 6-7 convention in Nashville. You will learn so much, including how to charter a Troop, and expand programs in your area; additionally, workshops will both inform and seek your feedback as we put the finishing touches on all programmatic ideas. Come meet the people who have labored to put everything together. Registration info is available at OnMyHonor.net.

How do we charter? All info will be on the On My Honor website soon after the Sept. 6-7 national convention. We will begin chartering Troops (which is a generic term inclusive of both Scout-age and Cub-age in our new org) as early as October, but the program will begin on 1/1/14, as we are still planning many details. Until we get Troops going around the country, most of the learning—for example, about how to register—will be online. Those early Troops will then help others in their area get started.

What is the plan to support the units’ needs? We will be a “lean” organization (in regard to paid staff), only employing a few clerical staff, then growing operations a little at a time. We want to get back to Scouting’s original plan, where men led areas as volunteers. Passion was their pay. It was a volunteer movement, and remained so for decades. Nationally, we will have a Board of Directors. We will have 6 Regional committees and about 200 Area Teams. That is where the direct support for Troops will come from. “Point Men” start the ball rolling and build a Committee of Area volunteers—they are the key support providers for Troops. We are trying to get Area Committees in place from the start. We are beta-testing an Area team in TX that has been building this over the last few weeks. I envision 200+ of these teams throughout the U.S.
Has any of the curriculum been written? Yes—about 50 experienced Scouters have been writing Program since March. As soon as the Convention in Nashville is over, 100 current BSA Troops will pilot our program through the end of the year, providing feedback along the way. There may still be opportunities for additional Troops to pilot our program this fall, but that will not be decided until the convention.
Is the Cub program on the same time line? Yes—both rolling out together on 1/1/14. A co-ed, teen Venturing-like program will be developed during 2014, but will not be ready to begin in early 2014.

Will advancements earned in the BSA be transferable? Yes. The ranks will not be exactly the same, but close. We are working on a chart that will explain how they compare.

What about Training? We are currently designing Youth Protection and Leader Training materials. We hope to be able to offer some sessions in partnership with AHG.

Keep checking the OnMyHonor.net website for updates…hope to see you in Nashville.

Rob Green
Interim National Executive Director

PS…Please let me know if you have other questions. I am attempting to call potential new Troops as well. If you hear of a church that is interested, please forward this message so they can contact me. Thanks.Rob Green